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Following the lending and borrowing boom in the last decade, lenders
have now seen a dramatic increase in defaults on secured loans, and in
the number of both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filings for
borrowers.  Creditors Unified Remarketing Enterprises also offers a
variety of cures to lenders who have unjustly extended credit to
borrowers during this time under false pretenses by the borrower.  Our
results directly help your lending institution in monetary recovery from the
debtor, and obtaining possession of the collateral for remarketing.

Borrower Investigations and Bankruptcy Relief.

When your debtor files for Bankruptcy relief either in Chapter 7 or Chapter
13, your lending institution is placed under very strict, limited timelines to
establish its claim, and any objection(s).  You need to act quickly.  We
offer an affordable and efficient, initial examination of the file for your
borrower that can provide examination results, within 48 hours in most
cases.  The expense of this initial examination is flat-rate based on the
type of collateral (e.g. home or auto.)

When fraud by the borrower is suspected, and the Lender wishes to
obtain relief from the borrowers Bankruptcy, a thorough investigation will
need to be completed.  We offer this service, and will work with your
attorneys, and the applicable Bankruptcy Court/Trustee in securing your
relief.  These cost of these investigations will be estimated on a
case-by-case basis, and we will work diligently to maintain time
efficiency, and cost management.  In all but the rarest of cases, we can
complete the investigation within seven business days.

Our Fraud Department

Examinations are performed in-house by investigators accredited in
Special Investigations.  Our team has cumulative experience in a wide
area of Investigations, including Auto and Home loan fraud, auto, home,
and health insurance fraud, and other general private investigative

With an emphasis on accurate results, we have seen our results upheld
by a wide variety of Federal Courts, including the Bankruptcy courts in a
number of Districts.
How our service
helps your Lending

As we all know too well, a
borrower seeking to
discharge their debt owed
to your institution for a
home equity line or
repossessed vehicles
(auto, boat, RV, etc.) will
simply walk away from the
debt in a Bankruptcy, and
your institution will have
zero recovery in the future
on the balance.  With the
low expense of our
investigation, if we show
the Bankruptcy court the
debtor fraudulently
attained the secured line
of credit, the Federal
Courts will not discharge
the debt owed to your
institution, allowing for
immediate Judgment, and
with collection efforts, you
will see monetary recovery.

Timeliness is very
important, so contact us
as soon as you can!  We
look forward to assisting
you and your institution.