When you assign your collateral with us, we will work with you during each step
of the process on a personalized level to meet and exceed the needs of your
business, ensuring a smooth process from initial assignment until the moment
you receive payment for the vehicle.

We realize that each credit union may use a different venue to sell their
vehicles.  You might sell your vehicle on your lot to a member or you may utilize
the services of a dealership. We are not going to pressure you into selling your
vehicles exclusively at an auction, but we believe that once you utilize their our
services and understand how we can get you top-dollar at auction for your vehicle
you will understand why 10 million vehicles are sold at an auction location every

Open-Live Bidding can mean sale prices beyond your expectations.
C.U.R.E. LLC                                 remarketing revitalized
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Services provided for
your Units at Auction:

  • Marshalling
  • Data Management
  • Insurance
  • Title Management
  • Array of Online Services
  • payment Clearances
  • transportation
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Dent and Cosmetic
  • Detailing Services
  • Advertising
  • Reconditioning
  • Consulting
  • Financing
  • inspections
  • Auction Certifications
  • Logistics Support

From administration to sale,
we efficiently manage all
areas of asset remarketing
using our nationwide outlets
for collateral liquidation.

We can handle all of your
secured collateral,
including: Autos, Airplanes,
RVs, Motorcycles, ATVs
and watercraft.

Benefits of our methods include:
Simulcast technology enables customers to buy and sell online in live auctions
via real-time audio and video.  Sellers' vehicles get maximum exposure as
buyers can find and purchase vehicles without leaving their office.

Sales Prices distinct from volume:  We can move large numbers of similar
models without depressing values.

Process Integrity-Auctions have utilized information technology and a strong
code of ethics to help eliminate odometer rollbacks and title laundering.  
Standards for frame damage and condition reports have also become more
consistent industry-wide.

Affordable participation-Auction fees as a percentage of vehicle selling prices
have gone down during the past twenty years as have buyer fees.  These
savings encourage more participation, as well as assisting us to help your
bottom line.